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PLOVDIV, Dragan Tsankov str. 16

24/7 PHONES 0899 69 62 69 / 0899 55 82 15

MORNING AGENCY ANGELITE is a company in the city of Plovdiv with experienced staff in organizing funerals, cremations and memorial services.

We strive to be empathetic and provide the necessary support and assistance in some of the most difficult moments in the life of every person.

Services we offer.

Complete organization of funeral, cremation or memorial.

 Preparation of natural wreaths except for funerals and celebrations.

Complete treatment of the grave. (Sealing, shaping paths, curbs, monuments and ceramic photographs.)

Specialized transport of remains throughout the country and abroad.

For each of these services, a preliminary plan is made, which is worked on methodically.

A funeral or cremation plan requires a primary set of documents to be submitted to the relevant municipal services.

- ID card or passport of the deceased, death notice from a doctor, if a funeral is organized.

- Certificate of heirs or kinship (if required).

- In case of a lost identity document, a certificate for lost L.K. from the police.

- Receipt for paid grave site, in the absence of which we will assist in checking the status and location of the site.

- Cremation requires L.K. Death notice, cremation permit from a doctor and cremation declaration (which we provide free of charge).

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